New or thriving businesses today should focus on an important terminology called branding. This is maybe a complicated term than if you’re new to business or branding impact. It is a way in which a customer forms an opinion about your business as a whole. Branding is more of a psychological stamp reflected in the eyes of a customer. It is the emotional connection a consumer feels whenever they come in contact with a specific brand. Moreover, the valuation of a company when it comes to the promising quality of service or product and most importantly the expectation of experience.

Part of branding that many businesses have come to know is the look of a logo/design or the name of a brand, which is legally registered in the form of a trademark. This gives the company the monopoly required for holding up its name, especially in the share markets and among customers.

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Branding and its Impact on Marketing Practice

Branding plays a key role in marketing, there is no surviving`business without it. Having said so, branding has a great impact on how consumers may or may not support a company. Learn some of the ways branding effects your marketing below.

  • Assure Credibility of a Brand: Branding establishes a unique identity of the company. When a product or service comes with branding done with a logo, it bears the trust, assurance and most importantly, the marketing aspect associated. As per the stat, consistent brand presentation increases the revenue of a company over 23%.
  • Create Loyal Customers: Branding binds in with the marketing concepts and connects with loyal customers. After all, with branding practice, a large set of customers will prefer a specific brand for their utmost service. This is applicable to all business and brings out huge future prospects. Even in the case of employees, they can feel motivated while working under a reputed brand name. This is why, as per the stat, 23% of the average revenue comes while presenting the brand consistently.
  • Synonymous to Understanding Customers: Branding practice should be done in such a way, which should bear the main service provided by the company. This means its logo or branding should bear any meaningful resemblance to the company. This is one way, which attracts the customers and allows them to purchase a “branded” product. Have you ever wondered what does the arrow in Amazon bear in resemblance? It resembles that the e-commerce baron sells A to Z products. This bears an interesting illustration of the site and the business as a whole.
  • Bring Visual Attention towards a Brand: A company is nothing without its brand image. Of course, this is applicable to the products with great quality, but the visually attractive logos have a different meaning altogether. If we take Apple Inc., one of the global leaders in digital products has its flagship logo of a bitten Apple. This simple logo has become a cult and a talking point among people if they see a person holding a device with the logo. In this way, people thrive to purchase it, only for the original bitten apple symbol. Likewise, the company uses this fanfare to their advantage. A statistical study says, over 65% of the marketing conversions are possible because of this practice.

Branding and marketing are interlinked data show’s that with proper branding, the overall value of a company or a product raises sky high.

Although the branding logo/website etc plays an important role in branding, branding goes much further than the look of your business. Learn more in our next blog about how you need to look further into creating a brand presence than just a look!

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