How Can Businesses Use Social Media To Grow Their Audience Amid The Lockdown?

Now more then ever it is important to be using social media to grow your audience. The world is facing a global crisis. The consequences of Coronavirus are heart-breaking. On one hand, where it is leading to the deaths of thousands of people all over the world, on the other hand, it is also threatening to push all the major countries in the pit of economic recession. Hence, in these perilous times, governments from all over the world have resorted to force a lockdown in their respective countries.

But in the light of the imposed shutdown, while all of us are being forced to stay at our homes, our businesses and livelihoods are suffering from a major loss. But don’t you worry, because even during the lockdown there is something that can keep your businesses afloat. Wondering what that is? Well, we are speaking about the wonders of Digital Marketing and Social Media!

How to use social media to grow our business amidst lockdown?

Social Media is an incredible tool in the present times. Where on one hand it will facilitate us in following social distancing by staying put at homes, on the other hand, it will also help us in connecting with the audience. Thus, it can help us in growing our businesses. But how can we achieve this feat? Well, it can be done by-

Promote tagging

Social Media is a great platform to connect and this is exactly what you have to do. For this, you can encourage your existing audience to tag other people. So for example, if you put on a post saying, “tag a friend who would love this” then your followers will be prompted to tag their loved ones. This way new people will be drawn to your fold and your audience will grow.

Sharing value content

Presently when everyone is forced to stay at home amid the lockdown, most of us are using Social Media to spend our time. Hence, this is a great opportunity for the businesses to interact with the audience, because people right now have literally got all the time in the world. Hence, now is the time to put on some value content, share some self-care tips, and some light-hearted punches on the page. Give the audience something to talk about and surely you will see an increase in your following.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get found. If you will use them strategically and sparingly people will be drawn to your page. So, for this, you will have to use a popular tag per post or tweet. So for example, you can decide to re-post your follower’s posts on Thursday and use the tag TBT (throw-back Thursday). This way you will both get authenticity and a hashtag to invite a new audience.

Post videos

Videos are an effective media to engage people. So, try to make some form of video content that is relevant to your business and post it on some social media platform. Also, make sure that you post the video directly on the platform and don’t share a link. This is because the direct video will autoplay while people are scrolling, hence it will more effective in engaging people.

So, these are some encouraging ways to use social media to grow your audience amidst the lockdown. Also, remember that responding to your online community goes a long way in growing your audience!

All the best!

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