For Facebook to be successful, you need an engaged community. If you don’t have enough subscribers, your content will not be visible: your brand will suffer from low awareness and your return on investment will be lower. That’s why it’s important to build your followers based on Facebook. You will then be able to increase your Facebook following.

A presence on social media is not just about the number of “likes” or comments on Facebook, because you need to analyze the quality of these interactions. You need to attract the right audience and attract them in a way that meets your objectives, since not all audiences are the same.

Getting good results on Facebook to get more subscribers means understanding how this social network works. You need to find specific techniques that will improve your page and ultimately attract more followers to Facebook.

How do you get more followers on Facebook?

Refine your Facebook Page Information

Generally, the only thing people see on a brand’s Facebook page is a profile picture, a cover image and a short description. Make sure your brand images and description are attractive, describe your business and invite people to like your page.

It’s also a good idea to fill in as many of the information fields on your page as possible. Select the categories and sub-categories that best describe your business, including your website address, phone number and business hours (if applicable).

All of this information will help you attract followers to Facebook. It will make your page appear in Facebook and Google search results when people search for companies like yours. Search engines also index this type of content, so don’t overlook this aspect.

Publish Interesting Content

It is important to publish attractive, entertaining and interesting content. Facebook is constantly updating its algorithm and better referencing the publications that interact with their followers. Your content should therefore be useful and relevant to your users: they will then be able to share it, comment on it or click on “like”, making it visible to their friends.

Videos are the best type of content to post on Facebook to attract attention and encourage engagement. It’s a perfect format because it’s creative and captures the user’s attention. However, make sure that the videos are of optimal length to capture the attention of your followers without boring them.

Be Active on the Networks at the Same Time as your Users

Increase your Facebook Following

Your Facebook page is unlikely to attract “Like” mentions if you don’t post regularly. Your goal is to form an active community on Facebook.

How often should I post content? There is no single answer to this question. You should conduct periodic reviews to find the answer to this question. You can also analyze the information through your own page. In the Statistics > Postings section, you can see when your followers are active.

Publish at peak times when your audience is online and test your publications to measure the peak of your followers interaction with your content.

Use the Data to Increase your Follower Base on Facebook

Perform data analysis to determine other areas of your audience. This information is useful when you’re unsure about what content to publish on your Facebook Page. This will ensure an upward trajectory to Increase your Facebook Following.

If, for example, your business is organizing trips to Marrakech and you know that users interested in your brand are also looking for restaurants in the area, you can create content related to that. Seek out and build relationships and take advantage of them.

If you engage in content publishing and your audience likes it, you’re more likely to see your publication shared with your subscribers’ friends. This will improve your reach.

Invite your Existing Facebook Community

Send invitations for your page as often as possible. A community is at your fingertips: employees, customers, friends, etc. These people will be ready to give you a boost even if you don’t have many subscribers. Just send them a friend request.

Another way to invite users to join your community is by adding a call to action in an e-mail, or whenever you utilize presentations or webinars. This can take the form of a final slide reminding attendees that, if they wish, they can follow you on Facebook.

Use the Facebook page suggestion tool in the business management tab. You will then be able to upload .csv files with email contacts to send invitations.

The most important thing is to send your request to a neat and organized database containing real e-mails from potential customers. The suggestion message may appear in the spam if the email was not obtained in a “legal” manner. It is also good to make friends with industry-related profiles. Use all the features of Facebook to get more followers on Facebook.

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a wide variety of advertising products. You can make sure that your content is distributed to the right people to create your community. In addition, all ads on Facebook have a “Like This Page” button for users to click on.

You can also promote your Page. Find people on Facebook who match your brand by location and age and choose segments based on interests.

It’s a good idea to try different types of ads to see which one works best in the Facebook community. Always make sure to allow Facebook users to like your page directly from the ad.

Launch a Contest to Increase your Facebook Following

Increase your Facebook Following

One of the most popular techniques for attracting subscribers to Facebook is organizing contests. Brands run all kinds of contests to get more subscribers and “like” mentions on their page. But if you do, make sure your contest follows Facebook’s promotional guidelines. The main goal is to win followers, so you can solicit a “like” for your page.

Basically, make your contest fun, easy, and relevant to your audience, who will share it with their friends. It’s a good idea to use Facebook ads to promote your contest. If you use an application to launch the contest, you need to ensure that it is optimized for mobile devices.

Use Social Networks to Measure, Analyze and Learn

Use Facebook Insights as a performance indicator for your page. You’ll be able to see data such as reach, engagement, interaction rate, and new “like” mentions on the page. These metrics will help you understand what motivates “likes” and engagement with your brand. You can then adjust your publications accordingly.

It is important to use analysis tools to verify that your actions meet your objectives. How else do you know if your publications are interesting? So don’t forget to measure and analyze.

Promote your Facebook Page as Much as Possible

Increase your Facebook Following

Once you have set up your content strategy and Facebook page as you wanted it, you need to open it up to the rest of the world. Share your Facebook presence on as many sites as possible. This will absolutely ensure you will definitely increase your Facebook following.

For example, insert the social networking icon on your website and in your newsletter mailings. The principle is to reach as many people as possible, so that this audience accesses your page as easily as possible, with a single click. So think about where to place the Facebook logo so that it does not interfere with navigation, but remains visible.

Use Social Networks with Influencers

If your goal is to gain followers on Facebook, a common practice is to collaborate with influencers. Influencers are authoritative people on Facebook who have many subscribers. This allows you to distribute your content more widely.

Through your publications, you encourage your subscribers to take certain actions. You can create a contest on your profile for which you have to follow your page. In addition to giving visibility to your products or services, you will quickly gain followers.

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