After the creation of your website, it will be necessary to make it live and create  good visibility. There are several solutions that are rather long, but with more than satisfactory results. By using the right solutions, you will be able to optimize your website.

Taking advantage of new technologies will bring you visibility and customers.

But how do you optimize your website? What are the points to absolutely work on?

We tell you everything in this article!  

Optimize Your Website,  Content Matters

optimize website content

To benefit from an optimized SEO, you will have to rely on the content first. Your articles must be interesting and structured. The idea for  good SEO is that it contains at least 1000 words. It is also very important to separate it into several paragraphs so that it remains readable.

Inserting royalty-free photos will also be a good idea. In addition to illustrating what you are saying, they will help to air out your text.

Your content, of course, must be unique. Don’t use copy-paste as this will only hinder the optimization of your site by removing SEO points. You will also have to choose a key expression that will have to be repeated several times in your text and in your title. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it, the article you provide to your readers must remain readable and digestible.

By respecting this first point, you can be sure that the optimization of your site will be on the right track.

Create an Interesting Title, The First Contact With Your Readers

Being on the first page of a search engine is one thing, getting readers to see your site is another!

The title is the showcase of your article. An interesting title will attract more people.  Google, and other search engines are programmed to highlight titles that can generate “clicks”.  Because yes, to be successful in e-marketing, never forget that the title  is just as important as the content!

There are several techniques to improve your titles. For example, you can create a “TOP”: “The TOP 15 cultural monuments in Rome”.

For a good web optimization, you can also include numbers and dates in your title as you can see in this article: “Where to stay in Las Vegas in 2020”.

Share Its Content With External Sites

Sometimes, due to a lack of staff or inspiration, sites neglect their content. Let’s now imagine that this site sticks thematically to yours. You can then propose to create content for them. In this content, you will integrate links to your own site which will bring you traffic and potentially customers.

Find a site that has a similar theme to yours. Offer to provide them with free quality content and insert one or more of your links in the text. It’s a Win-Win technique!

The site receives free content to keep on living and you take advantage of this publicity to bring customers to visit yours.

Publish Its Content On Blogs And Forums, The Simple Solution To Optimize your Website

If there is a place on the net to leave a link to attract visitors, it is blogs and forums. Social networks tend to make people forget about links, but many people are still active on these sites. Moreover, moderators leave most of the links and sometimes even allow “dofollow” (link tracked and counted by Google).

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