It is no news that the largest social media platform (Facebook) has just introduced a new update on the messenger to make it easier for people to work and keep touch during the lockdown. The messenger room is one of the newest updates that allows people to engage in large zoom-like conversations on a video chat even without having an account. This platform makes it relatively easy for multiple people to communicate easily. This measure is the wake of COVID-19 to help people have a video chatroom like zoom that makes working easier during the quarantine. There are other new services that also rolled out with the new video service.

Setting Up

The person setting up the chat must have a Facebook account but others can get invites and participate via mobile or
desktop. The messenger room will hold up to 50 people for as long as they want to they want. There is also privacy safety
using the chatroom. Facebook made it clear that any conversation going on the group will be private and they won’t listen to
the calls and the person that creates the room is the only person that can add anyone to the room. He decides whether to
make the room a locked or unlocked room. Without the room creator, the call cannot commence and the creator can also
remove any guest anytime. Additionally, the service will play host to AI-powered immersive 360-degree backgrounds like
luxury apartments and beach. You can make use of ofgroups, events, and newsfeed to start and share rooms. There are also
plans to allow room on Instagram Direct and Whatsapp.


The essence of doing this is because of the surge and why people need video chat technology to stay in touch with workmates, friends, and business partners during the lockdown period. The latest development means: Whatsapp will be able to host a maximum of eight people and not the four it used to host. Facebook and Instagram Live experienced significant increase n March and they will both receive updates too. The Facebook Live with video feature is now allowing anyone streaming a live video invite friends or any other person to stream with them.

It is an undisputed fact that zoom has been one of the more popular platforms during the lockdown period, even though it has been marred by security issues that have been addressed by the company with a software update. Some of the problems
include the “Zoombombing” where a stranger can burst into a meeting uninvited and display offensive materials.

How to create the new update in Facebook messenger room

  1. Open the Facebook messenger app Click on the people bottom that is at the bottom of the screen

2. Click on create room and choose the people you want to join the room

3. If you want to share the room with people that don’t have a Facebook account, share the room link with them.

4. You can also share the room in groups, events, and your timeline.

Note: As stated earlier in the article, you can join the room with any device (phone or computer) without
downloading anything.

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